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Recommended Courses

The listed courses has been studies and reviewed before I have put it on my page. The expert opinion in the field has also been considered before recommending these courses. 

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Data Science 

Data science is the new discipline of business intelligence. It uses analytics, big data, machine learning, statistical modelling and programming languages with lot of storage and compute capacity to churn actionable intelligence.

The following curated courses will give you an in-depth knowledge of technology, business and algorithms.  

The ultimate hands-on Hadoop

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The world of Hadoop and "Big Data" can be intimidating - hundreds of different technologies with cryptic names form the Hadoop ecosystem. With this course, you'll not only understand what those systems are and how they fit together - but you'll go hands-on and learn how to use them to solve real business problems! Learn and master the most popular big data technologies in this comprehensive course, taught by a former engineer and senior manager from Amazon and IMDb. We'll go way beyond Hadoop itself, and dive into all sorts of distributed systems you may need to integrate with.

HDPCD: Spark using Scala

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Course cover the overall syllabus of HDPCD:Spark Certification.

  • Scala Fundamentals - Basic Scala programming required using REPL
  • Getting Started with Spark - Different setup options, setup process
  • Core Spark - Transformations and Actions to process the data
  • Data Frames and Spark SQL - Leverage SQL skills on top of Data Frames created from Hive tables or RDD
  • Exercises - A set of self evaluated exercises to test skills for certification purpose

Cyber security Courses

Cyber security is the most sought after course in the digital world. The courses are for every one from novice to experts. It refreshes their knowledge or provide them new horizons in cyber security.  

Google Hacking: Penetration testing with Google

Everybody uses Google for searching. Have you ever thought that the same search can be used for hacking as well. Hacking is rarely accomplished by pushing few buttons or by writing few lines of fictitious codes on a terminal screen. Hacking is as much an art as it is science. It requires a degree of persistence and panache. There are fixed steps to be followed while testing vulnerabilities on any IT asset. Google Hacking is a technique of information gathering where we use google for gaining information about our intended target. 

In this course the following aspects has been covered beautifully: 

  • What is Information gathering and Footprinting
  • What is Google Hacking 
  • How Google Works 
  • Basic and Advanced Google Queries
  • Google for Penetration Testing
  • Hacking Websites
  • Hacking Wifi Routers
  • Hacking Webcams 
  • Hacking Power Systems 

It also discusses how to use google for downloading Latest Movies and TV Series and other useful operations

Learn Crypto currency bitcoin trading

CryptoMeister is a leading cryptocurrency trading and investing education provider. Our courses have been created by experts with real-world trading experience for both new traders and those with previous experience. With our cryptocurrency trading courses, you too can learn the basics of trading cryptocurrency and can confidently start trading alone.

Ethical Hacking for beginners

Learning hacking is very diffucult. Unlike programming or any other thing you have to work really hard to get to know something. Because there are closed communities, not especially friendly to people from "outside". A lot of people complained about it before they started the training. Almost everyone experienced rejection and almost everyone did not know how to make the first step. People just want to learn fast and good because of that we offer solid good information for beginners. In this video series you will learn various way of hacking. Our aim is teaching basics about Penetration Testing and ethical hacking in this lessons. Because basics are very important. You can't continue to learn advanced techniques and things without knowing basics of ethical hacking. After this good basic knowledge you can easily improve yourself and continue to learn without a lot of effort. We will teach how to do hacking in real life not just theory. We will do a lot of DEMO in this video series to understand topic much better. The topics that we are going to learn; Kali Linux: You will learn Kali Linux which is specially designed Linux distrubution for Penetration Tester. Installation of Kali Linux OS Basic usage of Linux Metasploit: You will learn exploiting security vulnerabilities with Metasploit Framework. It is a very popular program amongst Penetration Testers which have a very big exploit collection. Metasploit framework Exploiting a vulnerability with Metasploit framework Client Side Attacks Trojan: You will learn how can make trojan, how to detect trojan in your systems and how can you hide trojan file from antivirus programs. Making trojan file Creating and managing a botnet Hiding trojan file from antivirus programs Detecting trojans in your systems Sniffers: In this section you will learn how can you capture network traffic packages, how can you analyze and find usefull information in this packages. You will learn arp poisoning, dns spoof attacks. Capturing network traffics Data mining from captured network traffics Arp poisoning attack Dns spoof attack Just try our course. You will not regret. If you don't like it you can take your money back without answering any question.

Professional  Certification 

These are my recommended certification course for the information technology professionals to move their career in corporate

Foundation Enterprise Architect Certificate training

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TOGAF 9 The Open Group Architecture Foundation is the certification course with highly paid job portfolio. The typically salary of enterprise architects ranges from US$150K to US$300K (INR 50 Lakh to INR 100 Lakh) per annum. This course is highly recommended for solution architects who wish to pursue career in Enterprise architecture

Was US$165/- Now US$10/- or INR 640/-

PMI RISK management certification practice test

This course contains Three full real PMI Risk Management Professional “PMI-RMP” exam which were created based on PRACTICE STANDARD FOR PROJECT RISK MANAGEMENT and PMBOK with more than 500 Questions . The practice test includes the right answer, the clarification for selecting this answer, the question reference in the PMBOK and PRACTICE STANDARD FOR PROJECT RISK MANAGEMENT . The practice test included different examples of each type of the commonly found questions on the RMP® Exam model; including the regular question, table question, and question set. This course of "PMI-RMP® practice tests is best way for the PMI-RMP candidate to solidify his knowledge and to see what areas he might be weak in.

Big Data analytics in Cyber security

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More than 6 hours of video training covering everything you need to know to deploy, configure, and troubleshoot NetFlow in many different Cisco platforms and learn big data analytics technologies for cyber security.