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The courses shown on this page has been reviewed by actual going through the course and understanding the way instructor  has explained the course. The key parameter of review are simplicity of language so that it can be understandable to an average students or learner, the breadth and depth of content and relevance to practical field. 

TOGAF 9.1 Enterprise Architecture Foundation certification Training

Those who wants to scale new heights in enterprise architecture domain. The course has been self studied first and lived upto the expectation of Enterprise architects.

Career stage

Every solution architect faces the dilemma of career progression after maturing in one technology domain to several technology domain. As a natural progression either they seek solace in learning a new technology  as a horizontal player OR moving up vertically to become an enterprize architect.

Enterprise architect is a portfolio of visionary who takes solace in converting business vision into actionable work components. All of solution architects know 'cloud to codes' which is synonym of 'requirement  definition to code'. Similarly, at organization level, enterprize architect role is 'Strategy to implementation plan'.  Needless to say, with The Open Group Architecture Foundation (TOGAF) guidelines, it is the most versatile time tested method of developing enterprise architecture.

So, any solution architect either in permanent employment or consultant role can take up this certification to enhance and polish their knowledge of enterprise architecture development methodology. 

It is a highly paid work with an earning potential of US$150K to US$300K per annum. Certification provides  the visibility and credibility  

Course Description

This course is the foundation course and explains the complexity of TOGAF in a very simple term. TOGAF documents are very good document for reference, however for the first timer, it will be difficult to understand the meaning, implication. This course hides those complexity while giving you simplest way to learn.

How do you learn? The three layer  approach of learning has been adhered in this course.  First, explain the top level concept, then next level and finally explain the deep level context of architecture development methodology and enterprise continuum. This helps students or learner to learn at his own pace and keep the TOGAF handbook and artefacts as a reference material.

I am sure, you will be able to pass the TOGAF foundation certification with in two weeks rather than taking months to understand and pass cerfication.

I highly recommend this course to those who wish to make a career in enterprize architect, the most respect career at all times.  


About the instructor


Scott Duffy is the practicing  Enterprise architect with more than 20 years of experience in different roles starting from development manager to software architect to enterprize architect. He has spent  almost  half of his time in the world of business, explaining complex technical topics to business owners and stakeholders so that they can understand and agree with his approach to solving their business problems with technical solutions. And the other half with developers, explaining the business reasons behind decisions and ensuring that any decisions made on the technical side don't restrict the business in unexpected ways.

He teaches on Udemy  what he  knows in an approachable way. He started teaching courses in 2014, and have taught over 50,000 students. 

TOGAF 9.1 Foundation ENTERPRIZE ARCHITECT certification Training

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