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The NETRO Speciogen – A wild thought on bringing harmony with Universe

The concept of humans on earth has been corroborated to the concepts of species on other planet in solar system or with in galaxies or beyond galaxies to the universe. Lot of science has evolved in the direction of the biological mass, its regeneration, growth, degeneration and the cycle there-off. I always think of the missing pieces in the puzzle of life in universe and get vague answer. And once you are vague in thinking, it is the assumption that drives your belief and because you drive your life with a belief, it is difficult to get into new concept of life. History knows that the invention has happened because of people breaking the belief system, may it be earth is round, earth is revolving around sun,  Darwin’s theory etc. We are not even an electron in the framework of universe whose size could not be measured till date.

So, I have a strong belief that there are species residing on every planet, the only thing is we do not know how to identify them. If there is a planet, there is a species because the sun, it revolves, provides the life support. Now what is life support? These are the element based on which species survives through generation, evolves through time etc. Question is, are we humans ready to get ourselves challenged for recognizing those species.


No reasoning but I believe that for a species to be identified, it is not always oxygen that provides the vital survival environment. It is amalgamation of  gaseous, liquid and solid (and may be other forms, we do not know!) that gives a survival environment to species.

Think over it. We believe in GOD, ‘Why’. Because we do not have explanation of everything. Well, Science say , ‘ASSUME and get explanation and then prove your assumption right’! What would you say to observations which you have not done? You will assume. So, if I assume NETRO speciogen generation exists on every planet of universe, I have the explanation of human species as well as every species on every planet.


So, we can define NETRO speciogen as an species who has adopted to a living environment on any planet or galaxies of universe and may not have any similarity with the species on planet earth ‘That is HUMAN’.

Let me think wild! The species that survives on Nitrogen, lives in acidic environment, do not eat, do not regenerate, just lives in harmony, do have a sense of every species in universe, much advance technology, utilizes black hole for the power source , takes energy from other galaxy, have discovered humans as species on our planet but thought very primitive in nature, so no need to communicate etc etc. All imagination. That means, I am challenging the very definition of species.  There are species on earth itself that lives for thousand of years so, why can’t there be species that leaves for millions of years. Possible!


So I tell the species beyond earth as Netro speciogen, much evolved, no regeneration, no generation, it exists, super developed, travel from galaxy to galaxy , explore, find, research, observe and go back. And there are multitude of them on every planet, solar system, planetary system, galaxy.

So, Let’s call NETRO speciogen is a single generation species much developed beyond the thought of current science, we know.


The readers may be thinking, this is mad. Yes, it is.  Because, unless you think unconventional and challenge the conventional thinking, the innovation is not going to happens. The superiority of human race is just a distance dream because we do not know the yard stick of universe. We are illiterate with reference to NETRO SPECIOgen. The cycle of life is farce and a new  humanoid needs to emerge in order to even talk to NETRO. Yes, we are primitive and has to evolve to live for millions of years and seek knowledge from universe, co-operate with Netro speciogen and bring out new vistas of knowledge.


Current methods of incremental innovation needs to be challenged and a completely new humanoid in similarly with Netro speciogen needs to be emerged to communicate with different planets deep into the universe and assimilate with the characteristics of NETRO speciogen.


Well, Innovation has to be at different level that completely catapult our societal values and discrimination between earth’s geography, instead it has to be in coherence with NETRO specigen!


Written for the future of earth!!!!

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