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Happy Admission Season - Stick to your passion


Now that exam time is over and it is the result time, The blog will help those to choose the right path to success.


In the hustle and bustle of the metro city, there lives Shiva with his parents. Shiva’s  parents are employed, however they have taken utmost care of Shiva in upbringing. Shiva is good at scholastic  stream particularly in social science, however he is not bad at science. Shiva has seen his parent going to office from 9 to 6 and running their home. He has also seen fight between parents and love as well. So, he is quite a practical students away from theory.  Shiva’s dream is to become a professor in social science, however he has been doing physics, chemistry, math in higher secondary on insistence from parent. He gave all the competitive exam including private engineering college.

How many times you see this is true. Your inspiration and your parent’s inspiration does not match!

Almost 70% of Indian family  wants their offspring to be doctor/engineer/IAS. Right! Why? Because these are supposed to be the respectable job in society and nobody who cares for your aspiration! Ofcourse, except YOU.

Why you have to heed to parent ask? Ever asked your parent? Why they want you to be one of those Engineer/doctor/IAS. Please discuss with your parents. Perhaps, they could not do get through, so let my offspring achieve that! Something, I could not do, I expect my son or daughter to do it. Why? Did I discuss with my ward? These are the must questions, you should get answer. 

After higher secondary, this is the last chance to pursue your aspiration and achieve a much larger  success in life. Make up you mind. Do not get into RAT RACE. There are so much to do in life. Do not bow to the peer pressure and neighbor uncles and aunties’ comment.

Remember, if you follow your dream, you will always give 100% to achieve it.  If your heart is committed, you brain will certainly commit to achieve it. Be the master of your destiny. Get inspired but do not get led. Remove negativity about yourself first. Everybody has born in the world with unique talent, realize  that talent, ignite the passion and achieve your dream.

Choose a career where you feel proud of choosing after 20 years. There are opportunity windows on every path. All you need to learn is recognize and capture the opportunity. There is a thin line between success and failure. Learn for failures and never be complacent with your success.


Happy admission season!


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