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Exam Time - Beat that Examination Blues!


In India, it is the examination time for class X, XII standard students and the aspiring engineers for getting into the great technical institutes of India like IIT, NIT, IIIT, state engineering colleges and private engineering colleges.

It is natural to have the pressure of performance both to students and parents.

Let me tell you my story, that will definitely relate and  relieve your pressure of examination fear, whether you are a student or  parent.

I was born and brought up in a lower middle class family in village and always have this feeling that how will I grow up and support my family. Though, intelligent by birth, but never thought of what an engineer look like. Just listen to my father and he narrated the chapters for me till 5-6th standard, after that I was on my own. But, still I was very poor on sitting for long hour and studying the subject.

I have the innate habit of understanding the things by example and not cramming. That means, I was good at science but  not good at language and social science. But nevertheless I always ranked  1 to 3 in class. Hence, my father had a high hope in class 10 that I will become a board topper.

But after board examination, my dream came crashing and more so my parents. He even said that you can not become more than a clerk. But I still was happy that at least he did not say, you are worthless. We both has to listen to the hard sarcasm of neighbors. He asked me to take arts in 12 th but deep down my heart I was knowing, I can not pass in arts. So I, against, all his wishes took PCM.  So, DETERMINTION is the KEY, FOCUS on your own INSTINCT, LEAVE ASIDE, what other’s say. Relieve yourself. You are born to be UNIQUE.

Well, two years passed by like. Deep down my heart, I have the innate appetite to excelin engineering and hence my only dream was to get into good engineering college. But my habit was complete opposite of a laborious student. I was living with my friends and they both never saw me studying except the few hour coaching I was attending. Even, they told me one day, ‘Your father will be really angry, if you do not pass the competition and we pass the competition’. These words still resonate in my brain like a worm and bad dream. But, I was never meant to be a looser. NOBODY IS LOOSER OR WINNER. YOUR COMPETITION IS ONLY WITH YOU and YOURSELF .

I kept my cool during all my examination of 12th and engineering entrances, not many during pre-nineties. Neverthless, I gave all my examination including IIT, State, Roorkee and BITS.  Never got tensed, how will I perform. Where ever , I got under pressure, the result showed it. I was the topper in state engineering, last in IIT/JEE(only 2000 seats) and fare in Roorkee and failed in BITS. Conclusion was ‘ TAKE THE EXAMS EASY. THIS IS NOT THE END OF LIFE.’

Did my graduation from NIT, Allahabad(1990) and Rest is the history.

A village boy can compete with the urban mass! So, in life, DARE to DREAM, LOVE WHAT YOU ARE and GO FOR THE KILL.

Happy Exam season!

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