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Top 10 Predictions of Big data analytics in 2018

 As we celebrate Christmas and welcome new years with open arms, I wanted to put down some of the predictions for year 2018 in big data space. Although, every analyst firm wouls have floated their predictions for 2018 in this space, I wanted to put my prediction in my own words and share with you to track it. I will be writing articles on each of those predictions throughout the year to let you know ‘what is happening to these?’.

Here are the TEN prediction in big data analytics domain and its impact on other technology:

  1. Application of data science in Artificial Intelligence will speed up big data analytics adoption. What it means is, the big data analytics will be integral part of machine learning and its application in Artificial intelligence.
  2. Large enterprises will rush to align their data warehouse strategy from batch mode to near real-time.
  3. Telecommunication service provider will rush to create extra bandwidth capacity to meet the demand of enterprises   as enterprise will move their crucial compute infrastructure to on demand comping cloud environment.
  4. Ad-hoc analysis of unstructured data combined with internal structured data will rise from internal stakeholders in demand. Hence, data visualization vendor will have a hard field time to convince customers and fulfil their demand.
  5. Software BOTs will render more than a million IT operations jobs redundant, hence a massive job cut.
  6. Job cuts will render IT operations software professional redundant. They will scramble for new opportunity. New technology will challenge their inertia in learning new technology. Only 20% will survive in acquiring a job in new technology domain while 80% will drift to other non-tech job.
  7. Big data analytics will fuel the IOT domain. Government and enterprize will commit to a more than trillion dollar spend toward strategic deployment of IOT enabled services as well as operational excellence initiatives.
  8. Customer experience will continue to be the top agenda for enterprizes.
  9. Machine learning, Data Science, Python, Scala, Apache Hadoop, Apache SPARK techpreneurs will be highest paid or grossing in this space. The supply and demand gap of skilled resource will widen.
  10.  Big data analytics as a service (BDAS) will have wide adoption in small and medium businesses. A new breed of datapreneurs start offering these services on mass scale.

Well, Let's make a promise and keep the promise for ourselves. That what is called 'PROMISE MADE, PROMISE KEPT'.

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