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Examination time is always a stressful time both for students and parents. It is important to keep your cool and do not indulge in fear mongering. Your self belief is your only weapon in this fierce competitive world. 

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Worried about current situation or your next move?

This is the biggest irony of life? Other side of river is always green!  It is a known fact that telecommunication and IT professionals are highly stressed out because of multiple stress point.

For the Freshers

The biggest dilemma with freshers or students of  engineering is what subject I should pick up or which area of computer science I should focus to land into that fat salary job. Leave the premier institute, rest of the crowd is confused and try to get anything in hand and quickly get fed up at job. Landing in a job which is not suited for you may land you in more problematic situation later!

Be sure, what you want. If not sure, then you can contact me to assess your potentials and give you a right direction

For the Mid level

These points are many. Leave aside your daily family cords, it is the workplace pressure like pear pressure, supervisor, technology obsolescence, next move or expectation mismatch with your current effort and reward that is nudging you. All shear psychosis of these situation keep these mid age IT professionals worried and not letting them to get to their dream job!


Fee Schedule

The service is only available to Indian IT workforce and students in 3rd or final year of engineering college or unemployed

Fee for Students/unemployed :  INR 500

For Mid level : INR 1000/-


1. Use Paytm to transfer the amount to 9810411656.  To ensure, you are heard, please put your mobile number while contacting. This should be same, from where you are transferring payment.

2. The consultation can be on phone consultation or in person for 30-45 minutes. 

3. You will be notified of the schedule.

4. No consultation after 9pm



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