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There are five technology advancements those have changed the digital world order. Those are called axes of forces of the digital world. These are known as  Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud and Internet of things(IoT).

With the advent of Web 2.0 also called talking web, all these technology has a transformational impact on personal, organizational, national and global digital world. Telecommunication being the enabling technology on which these axis of forces flourish. Also, with the advent of good, bad also comes( two side of same coin). The bad news is, Cyber security is the opposing force and the sixth axis of digital world.  

The academic services focus on business and technology acumen development  in the area of big data analytics, telecommunication, IoT and cyber security.


Advisory for budding Entrepreneur

The difficulty with current breed of entrepreneurs is they want quick result. To build a sustainable business, one needs to focus on the problem they are solving and the method of execution of those plans. 

In fact, before investor can be sought, my service  offerings  include building  the MVP, marketing and sales strategy and technology evaluation along with prospecting. It is a bouncing board that helps entrepreneur to sharpen their product, technology and business plan.

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IT Career Counselling

My observation since last 27 years of corporate career is varied. The technology is ever changing and keeping with the pace of technology is always a challenge.  The adoption of new technology in mainstream takes time.

The career counselling services are meant for aspiring IT and computer science engineers to be business ready. For mid level confused IT engineers and senior level managers, we discuss with them their past work, understand the need and recommend the best possible next move.

In case you want some free advice, do contact me.

Learn BIG data analytics and IOT  


What is Internet of Things , also called as, IOT.  Get to know the eco-system of IOT, Historical perspective, Industrial automation technology  fused into information technology, technology bit and business bit

You would be learning the IOT from its origination perspective , how industry is approaching it, what are the challenges, how unstructured data in real time basis is analysed, what insight it can give. It will also provide the tool, technology and platform available for experimentation.  You will be challenged to get yourself working as a team player because independently nobody can excel in this field, together a group can. The technology domain will discuss the working expertise you need  for finding a place in IOT and big data  analytics value chain.  

The course is accompanied with the industry use case, quiz and assignment to evaluate the progress. We wish you happy journey for "Big Data And IOT" course.

Learn  Big data analytics in Telecom

Do you know “ WHAT are the sources of Big Data generation in Telecom Industry?”   

Do you know “WHAT will be the roadmap on Big Data in Telecom Industry?”

Do you know “HOW Telco’s are using Big Data tactics to enhance their revenue?

The course on “Big Data in Telecom” will address all the “Do you Know”. A complete industry relevant course for graduates, BI and data scientist is fusion of Big Data Analytics facts, Telco’s use cases and experienced experts knowledge. You will be exposed to industry specific terms like ARPU, DREC, AON, Customer segmentation, Campaign efficacy etc.


Learn Big data analytics from origination to opportunities


Big Data Analytics course will inspire you to explore opportunities in the world of big data analytics. This course will take you from the basics of big data analytics to the advance analytical tools, methods and technology, which could be used for the big data analytics projects.

You would be learning about the big data explosion, characteristics of big data and their classification. The analytical platform will take you from the changing model of big data analytics to the real time analytics. In order to process big data and extract the meaningful insights from it, importance of big data storage and the properties of storage architecture is imparted as a separate chapter. Basics of Hadoop, challenges associated with it and why it is considered as game changer by multiple verticals of the industry is an important section which will increase the level of your knowledge bucket.

Along with it, who are the players in the industry providing analytics platforms, visualization tools and Sentiment analysis are well instructed in the chapters. You will be able to know what are the challenges associated with big data and major business verticals that are leveraging big data to get the market insights.

The course is accompanied with the industry use case and assignment to evaluate the progress. We wish you happy journey for "Big Data Analytics" course.


Learn Construct of Information Security Management System

You will learn the meaning of cyber threat, vulnerability, RISK, Policy, Process, Control, guidelines with ample of example. You will also learn the  Information security standards and frameworks. This course will guide  in implementing  all elements  of Information security management system.


Internal Cybersecurity Audit : Practitioner's Approach

Internal Audit is the backbone of any organisation's governance and compliance check for led out policy, process and controls. With the advancement in social, mobile, analytics,cloud and IOT technologies and its adoption by enterprise, cybersecurity posture has become one of the cornerstone of an enterprise resilience to cybersecurity threats.  The preparedness for cybersecurity threats and hence organisation risk management capacity is proportionate to the threat, vulnerability, likelihood and impact. Organisation risk management strategy with respect to cybersecurity threats not only depends on tools and technology deployment but policy, process and controls as well.  This course explains the need for internal cybersecurity audit i.e why how and what is being done during audits. It explains the preparation phase, audit conducting phase and post audit phase of audit. The soft aspect of audit are as much important as the audit itself. The Do and Don't are very crisply highlighted that can be applied as a practice by the auditors.


Improve your English Grammar English 728x90

ISO 27002 IT security Standards

Download ISO/IEC 27002 IT Security Standard

ISO 27002 Standards is the defacto standard for Information security. In the cyber age, it is a manadatory practice within any organisation to develop a policy, process, control and guildelines for best information security practice. It has to evolve continuously with technology and new threat vectors evolution

Python for Machine Learning and Data Mining